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Learning The Truth About Calgary Granite Stone Countertops

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January 29 2014 15:03
Granite is considered one of the most breathtaking and highly sought after natural stones that offers incredible aesthetic value and building construction. Although one of the most popular applications is the kitchen countertop and ornamental designs, the features that are included are truly unique and may be implemented for various applications. The Calgary granite distributor delivers a number of benefits when it comes to the versatility of the desirable stone.[More]

Guide to Picking the Right Granite Stone

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December 12 2013 14:25
This blog clearly implies the idea of durability and longtivity of granite countertops that are becoming very famous day by day. [More]

Prestige Granite - The Benefits of Granite Countertops

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February 12 2013 08:37
Granite and stone countertops are by very definition prestigious and sought after assets to say the least, but the question is – what is it that makes these kinds of countertops so desirable and frankly superior to the alternatives on offer? [More]

Mike Holmes talks Granite versus Quartz

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January 4 2013 09:37
Mike Holmes is an iconic figure as a Home Renovator and Contractor. Recently he was asked which was a better counter-top stone for the kitchen, Granite or Quartz. When it comes to home renovations and... [More]