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Mike Holmes talks Granite versus Quartz

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January 4 2013 09:37
Mike Holmes is an iconic figure as a Home Renovator and Contractor. Recently he was asked which was a better counter-top stone for the kitchen, Granite or Quartz. When it comes to home renovations and more specifically kitchen renovations, a counter-top makes or breaks the final product. As of recent years, the stone used for counter-tops is of most focus for these renovations. Now both these options are great, but in this article Mike Holmes outlines the differences between Quartz and Granite, and what makes either option the best fit for a new kitchen renovation.Like wood, stone and straw, Granite is a natural building material. It has unique advantages as well as some disadvantages. The main disadvantage to Granite is its cost. Due to the fact that its a natural rock, it yields a premium price tag. Extracting the stone from the ground and shipping it is a costly procedure, one that the consumer will pay for. The coloring and veins apparent in the granite will never be identical in 2 slabs of granite due to its extraction from nature.On the other hand, Quartz is manufactured and colored. Therefore you know exactly what color and style your counter-top will be from the sample slab you viewed at our Prestige Granite shop. Quartz counter-tops are about 90% quartz and 10% acrylic or epoxy binder. This resin mixed in with the Quartz increases the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is bad for the environment and in some cases decreases the quality of indoor air supply.Granite counter-tops, as well as Quartz, have their obvious advantages as well as some disadvantages. Both however are top choices for home owners and renovators around the world. Whether you're installing a new granite counter-top in your kitchen or bathroom, or you are in the market for a quartz counter, come down to Prestige Granite and Marble, and take a look at our showroom today!