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Guide to Picking the Right Granite Stone

Posted by: amortechTags: , Calgary Granite Updates

December 12 2013 14:25


 Granite countertops look elegant and are highly durable and because of their long lasting life, they have become very popular. Granite is a naturally occurring stones that can attain a high shine through proper treatment and the patterns and color options that these stones offer are breathtaking. Despite all the benefits of getting granite countertops for your home, picking the perfect granite for your home is not an easy task and will require you to do your research. Not all granite is durable and knowing how to identify high quality granite will help you pick granite slab wholesale for a great price.

  •          Granite countertops offer a wide range of choices when it comes to color and patterns. If you are in doubt about the color, pick a neutral color like brown and beige when buying granite slab wholesalefrom a reputed Calgary granite distributor.

  •        Always see the granite slab that will be fitted into your kitchen before you buy it from the granite distributor. Pictures and videos are not an accurate reflection of the true color and quality granite when you buy Calgary granite slab wholesale.

  •          Pick a dark color for countertops only if your kitchen is bright and has abundant lighting. Ill lit kitchens look very gloomy when dark countertops are installed.

  •          Think ahead when you buy granite slab wholesale. Do not pick an unconventional color that others may not like in case you ever decide to sell your house.

  •          Hairline cracks can be commonly found in cheap granite that some granite distributor sell, and these slabs may break during installation. Only purchase granite slab wholesalefrom a showroom that is well lit so that you can observe these cracks easily.

  •          Pick Calgary granite slab wholesale that has seamless grain pattern. A few missing spots are common but when buying from a granite distributor, pick granite that would give your countertops consistency.

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I have some concern about the sense of entitlement that is reflected in some of the comments above. A superficial and sefl deceptive analysis might allow a wealthy retiree who has paid a lot of tax over the years to resentfully make a case against those who have paid very little and spent long periods receiving government handouts. However, Joseph Stiglitz makes a number of salient points in his latest book “The Price Of Inequality”,  Firstly, the wealthy (especially the very wealthy) may have inherited much of their wealth and contributed little to society. Secondly, those that have earned their wealth have done so in a society structured to allow them to do so (Infastructure services, negative gearing and other helpful finanancial regulations/policies etc) Thirdly, not everyone has the emotional or intellectual strengths, or the education, or the supportive family background to make the most of what opportunities are available. Stiglitz points out that the middle class in the USA has been ‘hollowed out’ – largely as a consequence of neo-conservative ideology driving the politics of the right, with many pieces of legislation and policies holding wages down, disempowering large segments of the population, whilst further empowering the elites. (How many of us suffered financial losses in the GFC due to increasingly lax financial oversight in the USA?) This increasingly threatens the social contract, with the possibility of social disintegration. Whilst there are substantial differences between the USA and Australia (We have an excellent universal health care scheme for example) our tragectory seems to be the same. A bit of critical self analysis might help us to reduce our sense of entitlement, and observe that many of us who are self funded retirees are much better off than most of our neighbours, let alone the billions of disadvantaged in other countires.

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